Our choir is a vital part of the church service. We, as a choir, are the leaders in singing of our hymns and encouraging the congregation to join in as well, which spiritually uplifts our hearts and souls. It has been said that the hymns of our Armenian Church have been the most beautiful in the entire Christendom. The beauty of our hymns is expressed through our singing and worship. We have made wonderful improvements in singing and in learning new hymns by way of choir rehearsals once every week.

We are encouraging everyone in our community, who is interested in joining the choir, to contact Ms. Peruz Manoukian, Choir Director at (804) 437-0417, or Der Mesrob Hovsepyan at the church office.

Since the November 2004, some members of the St. James Church Choir along with Der Hovsep have been going to Newport News, VA to sing during Badarak for the Armenian community of the Tidewater area. The visits to Tidewater Mission Parish are continued by Der Mesrob.

Services are being conducted at the chapel of Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church located at 60 Traverse Road, Newport News, Virginia 23606. We are happy to announce that the Tidewater area Armenian community  has officially became a Mission Parish of Eastern Diocese.

The Tidewater Armenian Mission Parish was formed by visiting physicists to JLAB (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility) and it consists of families working at JLAB and nearby Universities as well as students and other Armenians living in near by cities.

Join us if you are around. Divine Liturgy is held on a Saturdays. Call our church office to find out the exact dates or email to Vardan Gyurgyan, the chairperson, at Visit their website at

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Peruz Manoukian, Choir Director
David Livingstone, Treasurer
Raffi Bandazian, Organist
Nubar Ozbalik
Janet Ozbalik
Zvart Caporale
Anahid Deese
Anna Saakian
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