women's guild

The Women’s Guild of St. James consists of approximately fifty-five adult women of all ages. Activities include hosting feast days, fellowship and educational events, and Lenten dinners; organizing fundraisers; preparing for the yearly food festival; and participating in Women’s Guild Central Council (WGCC) events. The Women’s Guild mission, expressly handed down from the WGCC, is “to live and share the gospel of our lord, Jesus Christ, through worship, education, witness, service and fellowship as expressed in the distinctive faith experience of the Armenian people. All women of the Armenian Church are called to participate fully in this mission.”

Women who are members of the St. James parish are strongly encouraged to join. As Archbishop Vicken Aykazian stated at a 2010 regional gathering of Women’s Guild members: a parish is only as strong as its Women’s Guild. Year after year, for more than fifty years, the Women’s Guild of St. James has served the day-to-day needs of the parish, strived to meet its obligations to the WGCC, contributed toward the successful completion of larger parish projects, and offered moral support to parishioners struggling with illness and grief. In addition to helping fund projects and expenditures for the upkeep of the church, the Guild at St. James also contributes to charitable organizations in the local community, the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP), and the parish’s discretionary fund.

Interested in becoming a member? The Women’s Guild needs a wide range of talents and skills and is understanding of the demands placed on working women. Whatever time and talent you’d like to share is welcome.

Women's Guild Executive Comittee


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Stella Bandazian, Chairperson
Seran Taylor, Vice Chairperson
Sona Pomfret, Treasurer
Dale Baronian, Rec. Secretary
Peruz Manoukian, Corr. Secretary
Lucy Keshishian Grey, Adviser
Sheri Harabedian, Adviser
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